1. Korea changes incredibly fast.

    (Faster than you think.)

    Young Koreans, unlike their parents, have grown up in an affluent democracy which is radically different from the poor military dictatorship of their parent’s youth. Against this backdrop of fundamental changes each generation see the world differently and make choices through their own very different set of experiences.

    During this period of rapid change David Richardson has been a leader in building the Korean market research industry and he has helped most multinational firms understand the Korean consumer as they entered and developed their businesses in Korea. As we have helped developed the industry we have the networks of experts and partnerships that allows us to conduct projects efficiently. Most importantly as a boutique research consultancy David Richardson will personally apply his experiences in the design, interpretation and presentation of your study.

    Let David and our team @DRA help you discover Korea and understand the choices of Koreans so your business can prosper.

    David's Personal Introduction