1. Consultative Research

    Companies need research, but research is only useful if it drives action and debate.

    David Richardson will personally work with you and your associates to identify your business issues that research can help address, and develop a program of research to meet your business needs. His 30 years of experience leading research programs in Korea gives him the expertise to design actionable research which also reflects his understanding of Korea and how it is changing.

    You can leverage the shared learning from all the past research projects of David’s 30 year career in Korea.

    David's Personal Introduction

  2. Data Collection

    For research and consulting firms

    Our experience gives us the flexibility to optimize your design to address your issues, meet your expectations and ultimately fit your budget and time constraints.

    David Richardson helped pioneer and develop the infrastructure of today’s Korean market research industry, allowing us to execute projects with the most appropriate data collection resources and moderators in Korea.

    Especially for our overseas clients who will benefit from our Korean experience, we will provide our opinions for suitable research designs in the Korean market to better meet your research objectives.

    Qualitative Research Capabilities Quantitative Research Capabilities
  3. Qualitative Research Capabilities

    Koreans are both emotional and expressive, traits which combined with strong qualitative research skills can lead to powerful insights.

    As one of the earliest and strongest supporters for qualitative research in Korea, David has had the opportunity to nurture and develop many of Korea’s best qualitative researchers. Now that the Korean research market has matured, many of the most capable qualitative researchers work as independent researchers.

    @DRA we will identify and partner with the one of the very best qualitative researchers in Korea with experience in your category to provide you with insights that can help build your competitive advantage in the market.

    In-depth Interviews Group Discussions
  4. Qualitative Research: In-depth Interviews

    Underused by many research firms, in-depth interviews are one of the most effective approaches to gain insights from specific respondents who know more than the general population such as trend makers, specialists like doctors, or industry experts.

    @DRA we often incorporate in-depth interviews in the designs of our project to allow the research to go beyond what the ordinary Korean thinks and knows.

    Recognizing that in-depth interviewing requires specialist skills, only specially selected interviewers/moderators familiar with the category will be employed to conduct these high-value interviews.

  5. Qualitative Research: Group Discussions

    The creativity of Koreans is evident in the overseas appeal of Korean pop culture, which nets the Korean economy over US$5 billion per year. The dynamics of a focus group discussion taps into this creativity to explore hidden drivers and motivations, communication strategies, as well as develop innovative ideas.

    @DRA we combine the critical ingredients of great moderation with research designs and specialized recruitment to harness the dynamics of focus groups. Far from being a commodity no project should be the same!

  6. Quantitative Research Capabilities

    Due to the high educational attainment of the Korean people and the high quality standards across the Korean research industry, conducting quantitative fieldwork in Korea is much easier than in many other countries in Asia.

    @DRA we will work directly with the best suppliers to coordinate your quantitative studies in the greater Seoul area (43.6% of the national population) or across the nation.

    F2F Interviews CATI On-line/Mobile
  7. Quantitative Research F2F (Face to Face) Interviews

    Korea’s Confucian society appreciates the respect implied in face-to-face meetings, and as a result much longer interviews and engaging qualitative techniques can be fairly easily conducted in Korea.

    @DRA we employ one of the most experienced face-to-face interviewing managers in the country, which gives us access to the best interviewers required for the specifics for each project from healthcare to consumer goods, home interviews, office interviews or central location test sites.

  8. Quantitative Research CATI Telephone Interviews

    Political polling in Korea conducted by telephone interviews has been incredibly accurate in predicting the parliamentary and presidential elections in Korea, to such a degree that the presidential candidate for the opposition party in 2002 was selected via CATI-based telephone interviewing.

    @DRA we have partnered with one of the most reliable local CATI specialists to provide our clients with the best possible telephone interviewing services. We can bring you the level of quality from telephone interviewing currently delivered to top government officials.

  9. Quantitative Research On-line / Mobile Interviews

    Koreans live in one of the most connected societies in the world, allowing reliable on-line or mobile data collection.

    @DRA we will work directly with the most reliable local panels and the same panels that provide sample to global panel companies. We will work with that partner to ensure your study is executed to your expectations.

    We can also conduct mixed mode studies; online + face to face interviews, for example, or supplement your online or mobile surveys with CATI or face-to-face interviews with hard-to-reach samples.

    Special note: Koreans enjoy fast, efficient service in almost everything. Questionnaires longer than 20 minutes for online (or 10 minutes for mobile) should consider telephone or face-to-face methodologies instead.

  10. Multi-Country Research

    Multi-country research projects require knowledge of the other country's capabilities.

    As the former Managing Director of Asia for Ipsos in charge of multi-country projects and as a Asia Pacific Regional Director for TNS also in charge of multi-country projects, David has the knowledge, network and experience to recommend suitable design and execute projects anywhere in Asia.

    In addition to his Asia experiences, David has led teams to keep pace with the global expansion of large Korean conglomerates, and has helped transform the Korean research field into experts at coordination and analysis of multi-country research across the globe.

    David’s regional network and experience will give you an effective channel for your multi-market needs.

  11. Healthcare Research

    Koreans enjoy world class medical care and a life expectancy longer than citizens of the United States, the UK, or Germany. Healthcare is a very developed field in Korea, with world class and in some cases world leading practices.

    David Richardson first established a Korean healthcare research team in 1995, and as an experienced manager for healthcare research has also overseen it as part of his direct portfolio responsibilities.

    @DRA we have the expertise and the experienced associates to partner with to devise and conduct ethical healthcare research.